The Truth about “Shellac” Nail Color


We are often asked if we provide “Shellac” or other “long-wearing” gel nail color. We do, primarily because of its unquestionable popularity. But in truth, long-wearing nail color undermines our overall mission to help our clients improve their overall health and well-being.

Regardless of claims that these types of nail colors do not damage the nail, the evidence shows that they do.

Clients having recently worn gel colors show signs of dry, cracked, brittle and very thin nails, and often, fungus. It may be that the gel product, itself, is not causing the damage, but the removal process most certainly is, as is the potential for trapped moisture over anything preventing air from reaching the nail, including polish.

According to official Shellac resources:

“To ensure the health of the natural nail, Shellac is a professional only service and only trained Nail Professionals should apply & remove Shellac.”

Why? If gel polish is so good for us, why can’t non-professionals remove it themselves?


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How is it removed? “To remove the polish, a nail technician applies a special wrap that contains 99  percent concentrated acetone, a known toxin, on the nails for approximately 10 minutes. The  technician then scrapes the polish off the nail. Trying to remove the polish at  home can result in a user peeling layers off her nail.”*

Skin & Bone Spa can help restore your damaged nails! 

The recovery from harsh substances such as the gel isn’t immediate, but it is certainly possible. We are devoted to repairing your nail beds back to their naturally beautiful state. Here’s how:

  • Following the removal of your existing gel polish, your aesthetician will thoroughly examine your nails and nail beds to identify any signs of damage, stress or fungus. She will carefully trim, file and buff your nails correctly to prevent any additional damage and begin encouraging your nails to grow in the healthiest and strongest manner.
  • Next, your aesthetician will apply a restorative and hydrating masque to your nails, cuticles, hands and arms.



  • When indicated, your nails will be treated with an anti-fungal medicine to arrest any fungus that may be visible or invisible.
  • Before polishing or buffing your nails, your aesthetician will apply a professional nail hardener to thoroughly dry nails to ensure no moisture is trapped under the polish.
  • Follow-up treatment is recommended weekly for one month or until your nails have returned to a naturally beautiful, healthy and strong state!

Not ready to give up your gel color? Take a 30-day break!

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